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Your Identity As The Signet Ring


Our enemy, The Betrayer, hates God; therefore, he seeks to destroy the ultimate manifestation of God’s love in relationships. Everything in the Kingdom of Light comes down to love, and love leads to relationships. Everything in the domain of darkness comes down to fear and leads to brokenness. Therefore, the enemy’s plan of attack always focuses on the destruction of relationships through fear. The enemy destroys relationships through fear because Jesus came to restore our relationship to God (and others) through love. Without even realizing it, we attempt to use our human relationships to satiate the needs and desires of our hearts that only The One who created us can fill. Our enemy knows that if we forget we are His Beloved, even for one moment, we look to a lesser lover and our power is lost. When we lose sight of our Father’s love for us we are rendered ineffective for the Kingdom. So, the very thing Jesus came to restore is what our enemy attacks most aggressively. This fear will manifest itself in two ways. We will either be prideful, as our enemy was before His fall from Heaven, or we will operate in the insecurity that makes us doubt our Father’s love.

Regardless of the story your ring finger tells, you can be sure that you have an enemy intent on using it to do one thing. He wants to use brokenness in our human relationships as a means through which our relationship with our Father will be thwarted and fractured. He specializes in twisting and perverting our greatest gifts so that he can use them against us and, ultimately, destroy us. He knows that we were created for relationships, and so it is through relationships that he seeks to destroy us both emotionally and spiritually.

We have a choice before us. Either we will bow to the power of what the ring represents to us or we will claim our identity in it as His Signet Ring (Haggai 2:23). Relationships are a very good thing. However, we must remember that they do not define us, only God does.

If you claim your position as His Beloved, you will not allow your ring finger to define you. Your identity is already secured; you are the Signet Ring on His finger. If you don’t, you will never really walk in the freedom of His love and sooner or later you will be relegated to the life of The Betrayed. There is simply no gray when we have entered into covenant relationship with Almighty God. The truth is black and white. Either we live as His Signet Ring, sealed in the blood of His Son, or we don’t really live.


  • Look at your own ring finger. What do you see? What are you finding your identity in? That small piece of flesh is the most powerful messenger you interact with every day. Your ring finger tells you a story. It affects you, whether or not you are conscious of it and whether or not you care to admit it.

  • What story is your ring finger telling? Do you see a nakedness that serves as a constant reminder that you are alone, rejected, and abandoned? Or is your finger adorned with a stone that represents betrayal, loneliness or unforgiveness?

  • Has your covenant with your Creator been forgotten in the reality of your marriage covenant?

  • Or, are you claiming victory, single or married, and living in the truth that the only one that can meet your needs and satisfy your soul is The One who created you?

  • Are you living in the freedom of your true identity as His Beloved?

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