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rETREAT for men and women of all ages

Unfettered Retreat with Kerri Kenyon

The Father is glorified when you acknowledge, and claim victory over, the spiritual battle raging around you. When you ignore the assaults of your enemy you give him power and ground that must be claimed for the Kingdom of God.


The Leaders Creed

A Retreat for people in Leadership

Leader's Creed Retreat with Kerri Kenyon

This retreat is created exclusively for frontline Kingdom warriors. You will be refreshed, challenged, and equipped as you journey with Kerri through the seven critical priorities of being a Spirit-filled leader.


Power couple

MarriagE rETREAT

Power Couple Retreat with Kerri Kenyon

“Power Couple”...what does that mean?

     We have all heard it said “Now there is a power couple!”  It’s often used in a worldly sense to describe a wealthy or successful couple. But what if that phrase better described a couple who had God’s Word as a lamp to guide them? Read more

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If you don't see what you need allow our helpful staff to create an event with your specific vision in mind!            


Things you might like to know...

Each of our Conferences are created as a

COMPLETE Package which includes:


Kerri Kenyon Dern's Messages-Kerri will speak 3-5 times over the course of the event depending upon your specific needs.

Worship Leader/Team (if needed) Our worship team will lead you into the prescence of God to receive the messages with an open heart.

On-line registration and tracking.

Promotional materials and graphics. Our promotional materials will give your event and an exciting and professional edge.


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