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Unfettered Conference Retreat with Kerri Kenyon


Session Titles and Descriptions:


Freedom from the Fall Part One  

The Father is glorified when you acknowledge, and claim victory over, the spiritual battle raging around you. When you ignore the assaults of your enemy you give him power and ground that must be claimed for the Kingdom of God. In part one of this two part session you will learn to identify the enemy’s attacks while keeping your eyes on The One who rescues you and calls you His Beloved.  Listen below...




Freedom from the Fall Part Two

We walk in our identity as the Signet Ring on the hand of God when we follow Jesus’ example. It’s critical we commit to not make the mistake Eve made when she changed, added to, and subtracted from God’s Word. In part two of this session you will learn to claim victory over the enemy’s attacks by doing exactly what Jesus did in the garden of temptation. Listen below... 






Freedom through Forgiveness

The Word of God clearly states that bitterness and unforgiveness are schemes of our enemy to destroy us. In this session you will learn how to break free from the pain, brokenness, and bondage that have held you captive. Be transformed as you claim your complete victory in Jesus Christ. Listen below...






Other session options are...

The Signet Ring     

Millions of men and women are suffering from a spiritually rooted identity crisis. In this session you will learn what the Word of God has to say about who you really are. Come expecting to be challenged and blessed as you choose to embrace your true identity in Jesus Christ.


Freedom Forever   

We are called to live unfettered, truly free lives, so that we can invite and influence others to do the same. Our freedom is a gift we are called to give away and we have been given all we need to live lives that are pleasing to our God. In this final lesson we will claim all we have been given through His Spirit and together we will commit to taking it out into our sphere of influence, and the world, as ambassadors for His Kingdom!


Desperately Blessed    

Many believers have been deceived by a flawed theology that dictates, If God loves me, He will give me what I want. Often this deception leads to anger and disappointment at God. What does the Bible really say about what it means to be blessed? What is a blessed life and how do we get it?

Freedom From the Fall Part 1KERRI KENYON
Freedom From the Fall Part 2KERRI KENYON
Finding ForgivenessKERRI KENYON



     "Double PHENOMENAL! If I was a woman satisfied with using one word   to describe the UNFETTERED Conference that's what it would be, PHENOMENAL!! a talker and typer, so one word will not suffice :) What a truly amazing, phenomenal, and empowering conference. There hasn't been a day since when I am not remembering scripture and God wisdom spoken through Kerri. There is no doubt in my mind that God was present and speaking loud and clear, and still is!!!!! Thank you to you ALL for being obedient to God's calling and direction."

Laura Barna




     "The Lord truly used Kerri Kenyon as she spoke at our Women's Retreat. We were blessed by her accurate exhortation from God's Word. Her dynamic style and sincere heart helped us truly hear what the Lord had to say. She taught us in the power of the Holy Spirit and people's lives were impacted. The life change that is resulting from Kerri's message is profound. The comments from the women who attended were full of praise and heartfelt response to the work of the Lord in their lives as a result of the messages Kerri brought. We are so thankful to her for communicating truth and hope and freedom and most of all the love of God. We LOVED having Kerri speak. The women have been talking about it non-stop. I would highly and totally recommend her to anyone in my sphere of influence."


Peri Layton 

Good Shepherd Community Church Oregon



     ​"Just writing to say thank you so much for coming to speak at Good Shepherd's women's retreat. The message that God gave through you was so powerful it has literally changed my life. Before I left for the retreat I prayed and begged God for a fresh touch; a revival of faith. I believe he did that as he ministered to me through you. Bless you for the work you are doing to bring healing in Jesus name! We purchased two of your bible study kits and we can't wait to get started!"

Thanks again,


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