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This page is dedicated to providing messages from Kerri to encourage you during this unprecedented time in history. We trust God will bring healing and transformation as you study God's Word and experience His love for you!

Please be patient for the messages to load:-)

"Louder" by Kerri Kenyon Dern

The Voice of HIS Love Must Be Louder Than the Fear In This World especially given the fear that the world is dishing out today. Will you submit to God's love or fear? Which Voice Will You Listen To? 

"Louder" the Voice of Love Must Be Louder Than the Voice of FearKerri Kenyon
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"Finding Forgivness" click below

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"Finding Forgivness" by Kerri Kenyon Dern

Unforgiveness is one of the major blocks to receiving deliverance and healing of our spirit, soul and physical body. As you listen to this message you will ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you any symptoms of unforgiveness. Living with unforgiveness can have a number of painful consequences that God can heal you from. Choosing to fofgive can open your life to a truer and deeper level of freedom.

"Finding Forgiveness"Kerri Kenyon
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"Relentless Pursuit" by Kerri Kenyon Dern

Your relationship with God has, is and always will be dependent on His faithful PURSUIT Of  YOU! He is passionate about you. He sent His Son to this earth to restore you to Himself. In this message you will discover God is pursuing you.

Relentless Pursuit Part OneKerri Kenyon
Relentless Pursuit Part TwoKerri Kenyon
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"Signet Ring" by Kerri Kenyon Dern

This message is in response to Jesus’ heart and message for you found in
Matthew 5:13-16. In this passage He clearly stated who you are and why His Father created you. He knows that until you understand, receive and believe who you are in Him you will never be free, protected, satisfied or fulfilled. He died for you to find your TRUE LIFE in Him. His Word and His Spirit equip and empower you to fully embrace your identity and inheritance in Him!

Signet RingKerri Kenyon
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