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You Never Walk Alone


Last week we challenged you to evaluate your current relationships. We also discussed prayerfully investing in mutually giving and receiving dynamics with others that celebrate you just as you are, while challenging you to be all you were created to be. Remember, this is the “fruit” you will see in relationships with people that are prayerfully and intentionally loving you with the Father’s pure love.

It is important, that we like Ruth, not only receive covering but learn to ask for it. It is vital that we learn to ask those we are in close relationship with to cover us. At times it may also be necessary to tell them what that means to us and what it might look like. We cannot always expect others to know we need their protection. When we learn to be vulnerable with one another, we are ready for true accountability relationships–relationships in which we can share freely, challenge openly, and grow together.

Adversely, we must learn to set margins in our lives so the individuals that are seeking to use, manipulate or coerce us have no power over us. Relationships are only healthy when they affirm our identity as His Beloved. Anyone that does not have the ability to speak life over us is not to have influence over us. Rather, we need to see them as Kingdom investments, hurting people that need encouragement. We are to pour the Father’s power, love, and self-discipline out for them to see, but not allow them to speak lies, shame, or fear over us.

Again, when we choose to operate in true community, we are ultimately reflecting the relationship we were designed to share with our Heavenly Father. And if we are unable to enjoy intimacy and vulnerability in our relationships with one another, it isn’t possible for us to truly experience authentic relationship with our Heavenly Father. Our human relationships always reflect where we are in our relationship with Him.

Receiving covering from The One who created us and experiencing it with the Body of Christ will never be easy. We will face opposition, division, disillusionment, and fear. So, we must remember that we need each other to walk in the fullness of our created design. We face many critical choices and, while we must always decide for ourselves, we are to encourage and support each other to choose life on a daily basis. Never do we need each other more than when we are faced with the choice of operating in our own control or surrendering it to receive our Heavenly Father’s covering. Together we are fully equipped to claim truth when faced with the weapons The Betrayer has formed against us. We were not created to walk alone. In the trials and storms of life we will stand strong when we are reminded and challenged to rely solely on The One who can carry us through.

Our storms will come in many different forms. You may be letting go, walking away from someone you have held dear for a long time. You may have a loved one that is sick or a child that is running into rebellion. Your heart may be dark with loneliness or you may be drowning in debt. Whatever your storm looks like, even if you are walking through the valley of the shadow of death, you can claim your comfort, protection, and covering in Him. It already belongs to you in His name–Prince of Peace. He is in the storm; He is whispering your name as the rain pounds down. As the dark clouds hang heavy, let them remind you of His promises to never let you slip and fall. He is your covering, your place of safety. He has also provided covering for us through each other. We were created to bless and protect the Body of Christ, just as they are to cover us. We are never alone. We are safe in the shelter The One who created us has provided. We, His Beloved, must choose to run to His covering and relinquish control of our lives today. When we do, the storms become a blessing. It is in them we seek and find Him.


Do you have a person in your life that speaks lies, or tries to shame you or manipulate your through fear? Have you made your earthly relationships a higher priority than your one with God?


Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you any relationships that are not bringing you life, comfort or protection. Commit to choosing your relationship with God first. He is your place of safety and protection. Now, ask Him to bring His wisdom, discernment and truth into any of your relationships that need to be healed

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