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Kim Needs a Handicap Van

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for taking the time to read about this need. We have started this fundraiser for Kerri's sister, Kim Ordile. She has suffered with ALS for many years. She has overcome many challenges and is truly a "fighter" in every sense of the word.

But a little over a year ago Kim began struggling to breath. Her ALS had begun to affect her diaphragm. Kim and Lou (Kim's husband) found themselves needing to make a life or death decision and asking God for wisdom. The only way Kim would be able to survive a faulty diaphragm was to get a tracheotomy. Although ALS is a terminal disease with no known cure, they weren’t ready to give up just yet! God made a way for Kim to get admitted to the hospital and a day later Kim had the traech in place. She immediately appeared to have more energy and had a huge smile on her face.

But getting around with all this new life saving equipment has been a great challenge. Their current van was recently serviced and the mechanic informed them that the frame had some significant rust and soon would be unsafe to drive as the rust progresses. Kim still has doctors appointments regularly, (traech and peg tube replacements) and she would like to be able to attend her daughter Jessa's club volleyball tournaments, graduation, and college visits. They would also like the freedom to visit their friends and family. Any financial assistance you can offer would be deeply appreciated by Kim and her entire family! May God bless you as you give.

Prayer requests:

1. For God to heal Kim.

2. For God to give Lou the strength and stability needed to take care of Kim.

3. For a van to allow Kim to participate in life outside of her.

4. For God to be glorified in and through Kim's life!


HERE IS THE LINK to her GoFundMe page:

(gifts are not tax deductible but greatly appreciated!)


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