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Humility and Worship Connection

Updated: Feb 25, 2019


This week we will continue to talk about worship but through the deeper understanding of the importance of humility in worship.

Eve in the Garden of Eden is a perfect example. If she had been filled with humility, refusing to take her eyes off of her Creator, her enemy would not have persuaded her to take the apple. Instead, The Betrayer deceived her by causing her to take her eyes off God. The moment she stopped worshiping Him she started doubting His love. She was momentarily distracted by the thought that God was withholding something good from her. In that moment she ceased to do the one thing she was created for, worship. Eve operated in a spirit of entitlement; she wanted the apple and she believed she deserved it. She bought the lie that God was cheating her by withholding the fruit she desired. When she chose to be full of doubt instead of worship, she fell to the temptation she faced.

Shortly after I graduated from seminary, I was asked to lunch by one of my favorite professors. I accepted without hesitation, for this woman was one I could sit with and listen to for hours. Dr. Mary was a medical Doctor in Pakistan for years. She is a wise woman, full of insight and discernment. At lunch she pushed a small piece of paper across the table to me. On it was written RX for Pride. She had listed six Bible references on the paper for me to look up. Later, as I located each one, I realized they were all focused on humility. Her passage selections seemed odd to me at the time: I couldn’t quite grasp her final message to me. Now I think I understand it, at least in part. Humility leads us to worship and worship leads us to respond in obedience. Obedience is only possible when we choose to operate in the perfect love of our Heavenly Father. When we experience His love, we are overwhelmed with gratitude and gratitude leads us to praise Him! Worship and praise, therefore, are the lamp posts that light our way out of the valley of deception. They help guide us out of darkness and confusion and then shine light on the reality of all we have been given in Jesus Christ.


When is the last time you intentionally stopped and placed yourself at the feet of Jesus in humility and worship?

When is the last time you chose to be grateful in all things - through your pain, worries, trials, and suffering - to praise Him? Remember, we can’t wait until we feel like it or until things go our way.


Choose to worship Him for who He is and praise Him for what He has done. Regardless of how you feel, there you will be blessed by His presence.

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