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Today we will look at the final three of the five postures of worship through the life of Mary and her experience at the tomb of Jesus. Mary lived fearlessly because she knew she had no life apart from The One who had set her free; she lived to exalt Him. We can learn from her that the moment we start glorifying the name of The Father, any darkness coming against us flees. Yes, worship and praise are among the most powerful weapons we wield in the spirit realm. When we are offering praise to our God, we will always experience His freedom and peace. When we choose humility and gratitude, we are operating in the fullness of our Heavenly Father’s design for us. We are the light on the mountain, the salt of the earth, the Signet Ring on the hand of The King of kings. Never do we please Him more or shine more brightly than when we seek to bring Him glory through our worship and praise.

Here are the remaining 3 postures of worship we can learn from Mary;

1) She told the man she thought was the gardener that even though Jesus was dead she just wanted to be where He was. She knew Jesus could do nothing for her if He was dead. Obviously, she wasn’t looking to receive anything from Him; she simply longed to be in His presence. This is true worship.

2) When Jesus said Mary’s name, she knew His voice. She had a relationship with Him; she was accustomed to the way He called to her personally. Her example proves that when He is your life, your relationship with him will bring you to a place where you hear and know His voice above everything else. You must choose to hear it; your spiritual life depends on it.

3) Lastly, Jesus chooses Mary to be the first to take His message of victory over the grave out to the disciples and the world. A former demon possessed woman that had no value and worth to her own society is the one Jesus saw fit to make His spokeswoman.

May our desire for The One who created us be like Mary’s. Then, we will be fully alive in the love that always wins. The love of Jesus rescued her from the abyss of death and transformed her through its power. That love became her identity. She pursued Him and His love past the point of being reasonable and safe. She, above all women, knew that life was only found in Jesus. He had freed her from her past, so she understood that without Him she would have no present and no future. Her relationship with Jesus Christ was her life; He was her blessing. So, everything she chose to do after Jesus’ death was simply in response to the humility and gratitude that overflowed from her heart. She knew that her identity was His Beloved and it infused her with a fearlessness that even the disciples did not possess. She was crazy in love with Jesus. May we follow her example and live only for Him. Oh, to worship like crazy Mary!


Do you know His voice? Do you hear Him when He calls your name?

When He speaks, do you know it distinctly from your own thoughts and ideas?


If you don’t hear His voice, ask Him to give you the peace, clarity, and courage to know the promptings of His Spirit and to know His voice. Choose to give your story back to him and allow Him to use it for His glory. He wants to use your life and your story too. Let Him cover you from the shame that has enslaved you and kept you in hiding. Choose to find your hope and your future in Him alone.

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