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Kerri Kenyon Unfettered Ministries

Kerri Kenyon Dern's Counseling Services

or as we call them...

Freedom Sessions


Frequently asked questions....


  • Is a Freedom Session like traditional counseling? No, the process is less talking about your daily issues and problems and more about letting the power of the Holy Spirit speak a fresh and healing word to your soul. You will experience the presence of Jesus and His love for you in a way (most people) never have before.


  • Typically how many sessions does one need and how long is each session? One session is two hours. Kerri will assess during the first session how many sessions you will need. Usually 2-3 sessions are needed (no more then 4-6).

  • Where is Kerri's practice based? Kerri's practice is based in Northern California in the city of Lincoln. Once an appointment is booked you will receive an email with directions to her office.


  • Is there a fee for the session? ​ The fee for an individual session is $175.00 per 2 hour session and $200.00 for a couple or more than one person in a session. You can pay online or in person with a check.

  • Does Kerri take insurance? Kerri's counseling is biblically based and due to this, does not qualify to be paid under traditional Insurance guidelines. ​​


  • Is there anything required before I attend my first appointment? Yes! All new clients are asked to listen to two of Kerri's messages and complete the journal work, prior to your first appointment. By completing these steps you will save yourself one full appointment and this will give you and Kerri a "jumping off point" for your first session. You will need to allow at least 2-4 hours for completing the work and listening to the messages. Please keep this in mind when choosing your appointment to ensure you have enough time to complete this step before your first session. We are always available to assist you in this critical first step towards the joy, peace and hope God desires to fill you with.


  • What days and times are available for my session? Kerri schedules appointments on the following days...


Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday at the following 2 hour appointment slots;


2:30-4:30pm or 5:00-7:00pm


2:30-4:30pm or 5:00-7:00pm


2:30-4:30pm or 5:00-7:00pm


If you are in need of an appointment but are not available for a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday

please Contact Us we will do our best to accommodate you.


Kerri is a healing force in my life!  She has taken me from a broken, tormented soul that was lost and unable to see a way out, to a hopeful, healing woman who is no longer looking for people, places or things to blame for my problems.  She has helped me find a source of strength that I never knew existed in such a powerful way!  I have referred many friends to her seminars and counseling services with confidence that if one is willing, Kerri will walk you through a healing process to a life that you never dreamed could exist!  She is a blessing to me, but more than just me, to everyone who meets her! I tell you this, I didn’t know how broken I was, until I began to heal and let go of my fears, lies and shames as Kerri walked me through the process! 


Dear Kerri,

I just wanted to share with you some things that God showed me this morning. One year ago today my baby girl shared the devastating news that her “Papa” had been molesting her. I thought that was the darkest day of my life which led to what I thought to be the darkest year of my life. I realize now that it wasn’t darkness at all, which Satan would love for me to believe. It was actually light. The light is what gave my daughter her freedom and I believe that the very thing that I’ve hated and despised this last year, my daughter’s innocence being taken, is the very thing that God is going to use to bring Himself Glory!...I’m finally in a place where His Glory is more important than anything else I could possibly want on this earth. I’m willing! My eyes are no longer on my family but are on Him, where they belong. God has given me a peace that even if this case goes to trial, regardless of the outcome; I am free from all responsibility of fighting this battle anymore.

I wanted to thank Unfettered Ministries for allowing God to use you in mighty ways and sharing the freedom experience with others. I’m excited for this next year to see many more free!

Love you dearly,

Pursued Daughter of my Daddy who has my back!

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