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Companion Study Guide for this transforming study. This 8 session study is written in response to Jesus’ heart and message for you. In the first message He preached,He clearly stated who you are and why His Father created you. He knows that until you understand, receive and believe who you are in Him you will never be free, protected, satisfied or fulfilled. His Word and His Spirit equip and empower you to fully embrace your identity and inheritance in Him. Yes, until you find all of your hope, confidence, security and worth in Jesus Christ you will always wander this earth without realizing the fullness of LIFE He died to give you (John 10:10). However, once you truly know who you are in Him you will operate in His light, power, love, and self-discipline.  If you need more then 10 study guides please call directly to our office for a large quantity discount. 888-349-7650

The Signet Ring Bible Study Companion Study Guide