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Power Couple Cd set contains 4-60 minutes messages. We have all heard it said “Now there is a power couple!” It’s often used in a worldly sense to describe a wealthy or successful couple. But what if that phrase better described a couple who had God’s Word as a lamp to guide them? What if their “power source” was the Holy Spirit as they made decisions? What if God’s Kingdom purposes were their goals and ambitions? And what if Jesus Christ was their example? Now that would be a “Power Couple!” Unfettered Ministries realizes the amazing impact a Christ-Centered marriage can have on this world and God’s Kingdom purposes. Together, when two people are focused on God, His Word and ultimately His glory, their relationship is an unstoppable force!
For several years now Kerri has been working with married couples helping them to reach their full potential. Through her biblically based marital tools she empowers couples to use the Word of God as their “power source” binding them together. We h

Power Couple Cd Set

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