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Would you like the FREEDOM 2014
conference to come to your church? You can!
Do you ever feel alone, unworthy, unlovable, insecure or afraid? Are there people or circumstances in your life that you been unable to forgive? The Word of God clearly outlines how we can be free from these negative thoughts and feelings that ultimately lead us to a place of mental, emotional, and spiritual captivity. In this seminar Kerri will teach you how to follow Jesus' example so that you can break agreement with anything you are thinking or believing that doesn't line up with The Truth of God's Word. Your heart and mind will be transformed as you learn to replace each condemning thought with Scripture and claim your abundant life through the ministry of the Holy Spirit! You don’t have to live with those negative thoughts or feelings anymore...join us and embrace the FREEDOM Jesus Christ died to give you!!!

Our goal for 2014 is to bring this Freedom Conference to 10 California cities in the next 10 months. Email or call us to find out how we can come to your church! It's easier than you might think! Kerri will come for a love offering, no honorarium needed. She will deliver two life transforming messages of Freedom.  Call today to find out if we can come to your church! Call Lori at 209-200-3525
Home/Upcoming EventsMeet KerriUnfettered Ministry Products/ToolsCounseling with Kerri
Listen to MessagesFreedom ExerciseBible StudiesUnfettered Conference 
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  Coming in October
   What:    4 Transforming messages by Kerri Kenyon
   When:  October 10th-12th, 2014
   Where: Hyatt Place, Rancho Cordova, California 
   Fee:      $362.00 Includes Conference fee and 2 nights                            at the beautiful Hyatt Place King Size room suites.                      Breakfast Included.

We have all heard it said “Now there is a power couple!” It’s often used in a worldly sense to described a wealthy or successful couple. But what if that phrase better describe a couple who had God’s Word as a lamp to guide them? What if their “power source” was the Holy Spirit as they made decisions? What if God’s Kingdom purposes were their goals and ambitions? And what if Jesus Christ was their example? Now that would be a “Power Couple!”
  Unfettered Ministries realizes the amazing impact a Christ-Centered marriage can have on this world and God’s Kingdom purposes. Together, when two people are focused on God and His glory, their relationship is an unstoppable force!
  For several years now Kerri has been working with married couples helping them to reach their full potential. Through her biblical based marital tools she has empowered couples to use the Word of God as the iron clad “lock and chain” and power source holding them together. We hope you can join us!
  Coming in September...
Here's what they are saying about the recent Power Couple Retreat..
"We just returned from the "Power Couple" Retreat weekend feeling empowered and enlightened by the Holy Spirit and transformed by God's word. 40 years of marriage and God is still showing us the Masterpiece he has created by joining us together, the oneness we share with Him, and the purpose of marriage. We are so thankful and excited about living out the transformation we have experienced through God's Word." Deanna Graves

"Loved the conference! Thank you for all the hard work and prayer going into it"
"We loved Kerri's message and thought she did an amazing job. The booklets to take home and the applications were fantastic."
"It was life changing all the truths shared from Gods word. We loved it and will be applying them all in our marriage. I think all couples married or soon to be married should come to this conference."

 "Matt and I went to a marriage retreat this weekend. It was fun, relaxing…and uncomfortable. This was mainly because God uncovered some ugly stuff in my chest. The speaker, Kerri Kenyon, did not mess around with no-purpose comedy, fluffy feel-good games, or entertaining monologues. She pointed us to the Word, and worked hard to help us stand exposed before our merciful yet righteous Lord. At one point during the first session, she encouraged us to imagine Jesus with his arm around each of the spouses. I immediately saw Jesus with his arm around Matt and me. But then, I saw someone else standing with us. Another woman. She was me—a different version of me.In my heart I knew why she was there. 
Retreat messages now available               for purchase! $40.00

Plugged Into the Source

4 Disc CD Set containing 4 transforming messages that will powerfully impact your marriage.
to equip the body of Christ to live in a manner that brings Glory to God. We believe, according to His Word, transformation occurs when we are set free from lies, shame, fear, bitterness and unforgiveness. In this way we are freed to live the power, love, and sound mind of Jesus Christ. This transformation is the process of becoming unfettered, truly free, through the power of  the Holy Spirit. We primarily fulfill this purpose through the work of the Holy Spirit in Kerri's one-on-one counseling ministries, conferences and ministry tools. We would love for you to partner with us in setting the captives free!

Watch the "HEART OF UNFETTERED" Video to find out more about our ministry​
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Coming Wednesday, September 3, 2014 for 8 weeks Join us together we will grow in God's Word and love for us!